Renie is in town this week, and it so happens her hotel is a brief two stops away on the Metro from my office.  It took all of about 10 minutes to meet her in the lobby of her hotel, where we sat at the bar and caught up. She’s doing really well, and filled me in on the details of Mom & Dad’s move, their new car, how they’re settling into the house, and her boyfriend. Heading back to Union Station, I had the same lucky timing and caught the last train north for home.

Thanksgiving weekend was equal parts busy and relaxing. Thanksgiving Day itself was about as chill as could be; we stayed in our Pjs, watched the parade from the couch, and ordered take-out Pho. I’d gotten a bunch of movies from the library I figured Finn would like, and we settled in to screen a bunch of them until it was bedtime.


Saturday morning was the Festival of Trees up in Timonium, a charity event where organizations and people decorate trees and gingerbread houses that then get sold off to benefit a local hospital. They cram games, rides, live animals, sales booths, trains, costumed mascots, food, and Santa into the Fairgrounds building, which brings every family with a 3 to 8 year old child in a 200 mile radius. We took Finn last year and had a reasonably good time, but were overwhelmed with the people and the stuff; it’s a bit like being assaulted by Santa during a special holiday Running of the Bulls.


This year we had early-entrance tickets (Finn is eligible because of her stay at Johns Hopkins) so there were few people, short lines, and more sanity. We met up with our neighbors and toured the buildings, saw Santa, rode a pony, and watched a Tae Kwon Do exhibition before bailing for lunch. Later, we took advantage of the warm weather to watch a screening of Elf in the neighbors’ backyard.

Sunday afternoon I hauled my brewing equipment over to the neighbors’ and he and I brewed up a batch of beer each; I’ve got another session IPA in the fermenter for the middle of January, and he and I are talking about another brew day in two weeks. I’m thinking about a porter or something heavier than an ale, but I don’t know what it’ll be yet.

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