I’m writing this at 6:26AM local time, which translates to 10:30PM Baltimore time. I went to bed seven hours ago and woke up with the sky still mostly dark through my hotel window. I know at some point today I’m going to crash hard.

The flight was good, but long. Etihad Airlines flew us on a 787 Dreamliner, which was a very comfortably appointed plane to spend 13 hours on. I had the misfortune of sitting in front of a very loud, very angry toddler who cried for the majority of the ride, but with my neck being kinked up as much as it is lately I doubt I would have slept well anyway. Mad Max: Fury Road was a fantastic movie, even though it was on a 12″ diagonal screen. Jurassic World was visually very pretty but choppy and uneven.

I got to the hotel at about 9PM local time, found my room, and tried to get some food at the restaurant (the service was a bit harried), then walked outside to the beach to shoot some pictures of the gigantic mosque across the water. This was thwarted by 100% humidity, which fogged up the lenses to the point where they were useless.

Today’s agenda is to go to the venue at 9, hopefully find some food to eat and try to get on a regular schedule. I have no idea what the run of show is yet, but I’ll bring my laptop and gear and be prepared to shoot whenever I can.

Oh–I forgot to pack shorts.

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