I’ve been noticing some blur in shots I’ve taken with the f/1.4 lens I bought last week, and decided to test it head-to-head against the f/2.0 lens I got earlier this year. The first example is imperfect because I’m mounting it to the Fuji with a $20 adapter. I set it up on a tripod and shot both pictures at f/2, but because one lens is a 55mm and the other is a 50mm, the pictures are slightly different. I focused on the silver handle mount to detail the pebble texturing, figuring it would be the best place to pick up detail.



Looked OK, but not great. I brought the D80 home from work and set it up the same way:



The result? I can’t really tell yet. It looks undefined and fuzzy to me, but I don’t know if it’s the lens or the camera yet. I think I’d like to see some shots through this lens with the D7000, a newer camera with a better sensor, before I decide anything. I’m going to send it out for the mod so that I can mount it properly and do another test.

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