This weekend I caught up on a pile of things that I’d been meaning to get to over the last few months:

  • Hauled 60 cubic feet of mulch from the Home Depot to the hedge, front bed, side bed, and rear bed of the house.
  • Weeded and raked said hedge and beds, bagged up the product, and hauled it all to the edge of the driveway (18 bags or so). Mulched everything.
  • Hauled the crib to Christi & Glenn’s, and picked up our spare chairs and stepladder
  • Fixed and sealed the gutter on the garage
  • Cleaned out and organized about 50% of the garage in preparation for the summer
  • Hooked up the hitch wiring to the CR-V
  • Mixed cement and sealed up the funky hole in the brick under the front stairs

It doesn’t sound like much on paper, but I’m wiped out this evening.


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