Just when I was getting used to waking up with a little bit of sunrise on class days, Daylight Savings kicked in and yanked it away. I’ve got next week off from UMBC for the break, which is a welcome pause. The last couple of weeks have been pretty rough in terms of schedule, work, and personal life, so a week of normal routine will be a wonderful change. I got home from class yesterday and I was dragging ass. One bright spot is the weather, which suddenly zoomed up into the 50s from the low teens, taking all of the snow with it. I’m normally pretty cold all the time, but these days 40˚ feels like balmy shorts weather.

Class has been going pretty well. The first half of the syllabus is almost to an end, so my students will be presenting their final pieces for this half the week after break. I’ve been trying to shepherd along a couple of people who haven’t quite grasped the idea of concept yet, and on Wednesday I think I may have had a breakthrough with a few of them. I hope my instincts are correct, and they prove me right.

I’ve heard rumors of a celebration for my grandfather’s 100th birthday at the end of April. I’m thinking about taking a few days off to get up there, help my folks sort through the house, get things moved/packed/pitched, and be there for his party. 100 years old! The family sent his information in to Willard Scott, so hopefully that fat old fossil will mention him on the air. My initial plan is to buy a seat on the train to my sister’s place in Syracuse, and then pick up a Budget truck to drive down to my folks’. I have no idea how much stuff I might be packing for the ride home, but I figure I’ll come prepared to haul it. Plus, there’s more barn wood up at the farm I’d like to salvage before it gets bulldozed back up into the treeline.

Today I brought my camera to work for the first time in months. This winter didn’t lend itself to photography, so my Flickr feed has been quiet, but I’m itching to get back out and start shooting again. On my way to class on Wednesday I passed the run-down motorcycle shop in Arbutus and noticed a beautiful pre-war bike parked out front. I then broke one of my cardinal rules: stop and take a picture. I didn’t, and continued on to my class. Of course, the bike wasn’t there thursday afternoon. That’ll teach me. I didn’t shoot a single frame all day. I have wrapped three video projects at work this year, with another two coming up quickly-I’m planning on shooting an interview outside the Capitol building in a week or two, which should be challenging.


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