This year, I was on it. Three weeks ago, I started contacting babysitters to see if anyone could watch Finn for us, and I struck out everywhere. I decided fuck it, I’d make dinner for my girls and we’d share Valentine’s Day together, and they seemed happy with that. I hit the store this morning and got caught up in the pre-Valentine/pre-snow rush, but made it out with the fixings for Shrimp Creole and some brownies. At home, I worked on the Scout a little bit, worked on cleaning up the basement a little bit, and took the dishwasher apart to clean out the drain. Then I got to cooking. Usually my attempts at cooking are panicky and uncoordinated. I have problems getting everything on the table at the same time in the correct order, and I leave chaos in the kitchen. Tonight went smoothly, and everything timed perfectly. After setting the table and uncorking some alcohol-free wine, I lit candles and served the ladies while gentle snow fell outside. Finn was excited to drink wine with us and even more when I brought out brownies decorated with hearts in red sparkly icing. I can’t remember a better Valentine’s Day.

This is an awesome bit of brand elevation:

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