It’s a pleasure to be able to call someone up on a Friday afternoon and offer them a job. I have a smile on my face.

I’m recovering from a head cold that had me snuffling into tissues since Monday. I’ve found that liquid DayQuil definitely trumps the power of huge horse-pill sized caplets. Finn is past her weird virus thing and back at school, which is good for the whole family.

It was a blistering 8˚ this morning, so Jen boiled some water and we filed onto the back porch in our PJs to make snow: throw it up in the air and watch it steam and descend as flakes. Some of the water splashed back onto my hand, so two of the knuckles on my right hand are angry and red today. Still, snow!

Class is going well, and I’m enjoying myself. They offered me another class in the fall last week, which I’m going to take contingent on the timing: they should be able to schedule it for 6 or 7PM instead of 4, which works much better for my commute.

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