We made it through the storm pretty well on Saturday, although the house was fucking freezing. This month’s ~10˚ overnight temperatures have really illustrated just how poorly insulated the Lockardugan Estate is despite all my attempts to the contrary. The first floor becomes pretty much uninhabitable after 8PM, and the kitchen is like a meat locker (there is no heating in the kitchen; we removed it during the remodel in a desperate bid for cabinet space).

Sunday I spent the morning digging out. A freakish upswing in temperature meant I was out in a fleece and light gloves, sweating in the sunlight. After I got the sidewalks done, I came in and made bacon egg & cheeses for the family (NOM NOM NOM), and then went back out to finish the cars. The Accord is suffering from an old no-cranky battery so I jumped it and ran it for a while, but next weekend I’ll definitely pick up a new one. After that chore was done I took Finn over to the school for some sledding. Mama found a great Wham-O sled at the bargain store a while back and we put it to the test. Strangely, we had the whole hill to ourselves.

The afternoon was spent in the den, creating castles with Legos, while Mama put together venison steaks with duck-fat fried potatoes and fresh green beans for dinner. All in all, it was a great day.

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