I think I know what my April beer budget will be going towards: The Dark Star Burner.

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This has been making the rounds, but it’s definitely worth a link: a transcript of the Raiders of the Lost Ark story conference. Lucas, Spielberg, and Kasdan at their finest.

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I picked up the third and fourth screenprint designs from FedEx/Kinko’s last night, and they turned out well. I’ve been using them because Staples wants to charge ~$40 for a box of 50 transparencies, which is highway fucking robbery. I asked the guy behind the counter how much blank sheets would cost, and he said, “$0.14.” I asked him for fifteen, and he wound up just giving me all they had. “I’m not gonna ring you up for a dollar,” he smiled. Sweet. I built the frame and stretched a screen on Sunday, and burned the screen last night, so I’ll pull some proofs this evening to see how they look.


Shirt proofs

Shirt proofs

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This group of images scratches so many historical itches, I can’t stand it: photos of Paris from the early 1900s overlaid with shots from this year.

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Two Snowwomen

Tomorrow it’s going to be in the high 50’s. Welcome to Baltimore in March!

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It’s pretty rare you see sports news here at Idiot Central, but this one is too cool not to notice: Torrey Smith Has Been Interning For Elijah Cummings. Torrey is pretty cool, and Elijah is the real deal. Carry on, gentlemen.

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Kitchen upgrades 1

Kitchen upgrades 2

You can’t see it in the photos, but there’s a fresh coat of white paint on the basement and back doors, as well as a ton of touchups throughout the room. The shade on the back door is new, and there’s a matching shade over the window courtesy of Jen and her sewing machine.

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Grove Delicatessen 2

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Add this to the list of Stuff To Do: How To Assemble A Stupidly Basic Road Trip Tool Kit. I have the socket kit (with an upgraded wrench), jumper cables, a pile of paper maps, a multitool, knife, shovel, and blanket. JB Weld, zip ties, silicone, duct tape and wire all ride in the Scout, and they should be in the other two cars as well. As well as a tire patch kit.

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  1. Drove across the Bay Bridge to stay over with the Morrises, get dressed up like adults, and have a lovely dinner out on the town where our conversations weren’t interrupted every 3 minutes. God, that felt great.
  2. Transferred my Belgian IPA to the secondary fermenter and dry-hopped it. The final gravity was 0.001% off, so this batch will have an ABV of 6.3% (must have been that pound of candy sugar the recipe called for).
  3. Pressed a set of onesies for Scout, a set for Finnegan, a pink shirt for Finn, and two adult sizes for me. I used a heat gun to set the ink, and they will get washed sometime in the next couple of days to test how well the ink stays.
  4. Resurrected a dead hard drive for a client.
  5. Drive the Scout into work for the first time in 3 months.
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