This is a project right up my alley: a DIY Cost-Effective Immersion Wort Chiller, via HomeBrewTalk.

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From the FontFeed: Macula, The Impossible Typeface. There are so many awesome things I love about this typeface; I just don’t know where I would use it.

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Via Lifehacker, a great little reference on how to stop getting tracked in your Browser. Nice.

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We have about three years of Flip video we can’t watch on our AppleTV because the Flip file format (a strange AVI variant) won’t load in iTunes, Handbrake, or most other conversion applications. I found MPEG Streamclip, a video converter for Mac OS X, which looks dodgy when judged upon the website, but which works like a charm in practice.

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I cannot describe how good it feels to pick up my bass again and play it. It’s like an extension of my hands; My fingers play songs that I learned 20 years ago by themselves. The new amp Santa bought me for Christmas is a work of art. The control over its tone and sound is amazing, and the ability to wire an iPod through the speaker, adjust both the instrument and auxiliary sound levels, and play through a set of headphones is incredible. Last night I made a playlist on the spare music server and wired that directly into the amp. Awesome!

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This looks like a great place to lose a couple of days: Consequence of Sound has interviews with all kinds of interesting artists.

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Interesting. Our music server in the basement can’t stay up and running for more than a day without disappearing off the network completely; some sleuthing reveals the iTunes (10.5) database getting is continually getting corrupted. This drives me nuts and Jen even nuttier—she’s the one working from home. Apple’s boards are predictably quiet about my problem, so I had to do some heavy Google-fu to find answers elsewhere. This one looks promising: Deleting the Genius database.. The author goes on to suggest turning Genius off completely, because it seems to the the root of iTunes evil. So I know what I’m trying this evening.

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I just made a mess of myself. Look at this and weep: the 1937 Ingalls Special. It’s not the most beautiful roadster I’ve ever seen, but everything is purpose-built. I’d take this over a Lotus 7 any day.

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Here’s the build thread for a very internet-famous garage (a picture seen on a thousand car enthusiast Tumblrs): The 12-Gauge Garage. What can I say; it’s inspiring. And the guy has a race-ready 911 Porsche.

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Johnny Lightning

I found this Johnny Lightning Scout at the Wal-Mart last week. I’m told there’s a topless model in black out there that’s not lifted and I’d like that one for my collection, but I haven’t seen it yet. Instead I found one of these, the color of which approximates Peer Pressure before she was painted purple.

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