So any woman who seeks an abortion in the state of Virgina is now required by law to have an ultrasound; thankfully they took the transvaginal part out before signing it into legislation. (For the uninitiated, transvaginal is where they use a huge plastic dildo). I’m glad to see that, in times of economic stress, our lawmakers continue to focus on the important things, like telling women what to do with their bodies. How’s that Republican majority working for you, Virginia?

The Colts have officially cut Peyton Manning, which makes about as much sense as cancelling the moon program while your guys are still in space. Seriously, what the hell are they thinking? Even on a bad day the guy is worth four quarterbacks. They’ve spent more than ten years building a team around him; they were 2-14 last year without him. It’s going to be a long couple of years in Indianapolis.

Apple announced another iPad I probably won’t buy (not because I don’t want one) but did update the AppleTV to 1080p, added AirPlay and iCloud support, which means there will be one in our immediate future once the new TV mount is finished.

Rush Limbaugh is losing advertisers left and right for being a douchebag, which makes me cackle with glee. Fuck you, Rush.

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