My order is placed; I’m advancing directly to 2011 from the dark ages of 2007. A shiny new iPhone 4S should be on its way to the house with my name on it, bringing better reception (I’m told), a better camera, Siri, and all of the bells and whistles I’ve missed out on. Rejoice!

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2 Responses to Done and Done.

  1. ren says:

    I will confess to strongly considering an iPhone 4S too…I love my Droid, but I’m getting that gadget itch. I’m going to hold off until I move and see what coverage is like in my new digs, wherever they turn out to be–if there’s 4G I might stick with a 4G Droid. We’ll see…

  2. Idiotking says:

    Added bonus: I didn’t realize this until just now, but the spare money I had set aside for it will cover 4/5 of the purchase price, not the 2/5 I’d originally budgeted.