OK, I fixed the issue I was having with my Flickr feed plugin last night; I’m not sure exactly what the issue was, but it’s working now. It seems like a lot of people are using that to get to my Flickr account, because as soon as it went down my view counts dropped to zero, and now that it’s back up my counts are back up again.

Sadly, it looks like the fuckheads running Yahoo are looking to sell it to somebody; apparently AOL is interested in buying/merging the company, which means nothing but trouble. So, added to my housekeeping list for the site: shopping around for a new method of serving photos (or adding them all to the site itself).

I’ve been holding back on tying my Facebook account to my Flickr feed, and I rarely link to weblog posts on Facebook, but I’m thinking that having things more tightly organized would be nice.

Brian and I cracked the first two homebrews of the new batch in Corolla, and while they weren’t perfect, they weren’t bad, either. I think the sugars got cooked too hot and caramelized a bit, which gives the batch a slight molasses flavor, not unlike (but not nearly as strong as) the Hefeweizen batch. I poured out 12 more bottles of the Hef on Sunday, and I think there might be one 6-pack left down there.

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