I cracked open the first bottle of hefeweizen this weekend and sampled the brew; the verdict is that it’s pretty heavy. The recipe I had didn’t come with the extract kit, so the taste comes off like the extract was in the pot and cooking for about 15 minutes too long. It’s heavy up front and finishes off pretty light but there’s a definite extract tang in the taste that’s going to take some getting used to. Tonight I’m going to pour some in a clear glass to look at the color, but I suspect it’s going to be dark and muddy.

Meanwhile, we hit the IKEA on Saturday to look for some furniture for Finn’s room. The bookshelf we wanted was out of stock. The bench we bought for the new bathroom was too wide and too long. But the lamp we bought for her room was just right… oh, well. Later in the day we met up with Jen’s family to get fitted for seersucker suits at Jos. A Bank in Columbia; All went swimmingly until we learned that their tan seersucker suits don’t come without pleated pants—no matter what size they are.

We chose some hardware for the new bathroom on Sunday and I spent some time installing a towel bar, TP holder, and toilet pull, which makes the room look better. We’re waiting on a special-order sink faucet which should arrive sometime this week.

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