Tonight Finn and I will make a desperate bid to win an iPad2 by baking up a bourbon chocolate cake in a bundt pan; copious amounts of Jim Beam will ensure the proper amount of, um, personality is present. I hand it to my employer for cooking up (pun intended) a unique creativity-inspiring challenge; I’d say the only drawback is the lack of on-site baking facilities, which excludes about five of our household’s go-to dessert recipes.

Wish us luck.

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I missed this yesterday, but I figure ten years and one day still counts: This weblog has existed in one form or another since March 22, 2001. That’s an average of about 24 posts a month (minus one and a half months). The current archives only go back to April of 2003, but eventually I’ll get the entire thing into WordPress.

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As if I needed another reason to dump my current cell carrier: AT&T to Buy T-Mobile, Becomes No. 1 U.S. Wireless Company. I doubt, if this deal actually passes regulatory scrutiny, that it will make anything better for AT&T subscribers.

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Last week, when the weather was getting warm and sunny, I was itching to get the old girl on the road. I was foiled, however, by an intermittent starting problem. Specifically, I could get her to start easily, and an hour later I’d get lights and radio but nothing from the engine—no click, no grind, nothing. Putting the battery on an overnight trickle charge gave me enough juice to get her started Friday morning, but I was wary when I got in her to drive home.

A little research points me to the battery cables, which have been problematic since the day I bought this truck. On Thursday evening I stripped about two inches of insulation from the terminal side of the cable and found green corrosion inside, so I’m going to need to find a new cable and a way to seal it up tight. SSS sells a positive cable for $80, which is pricey. Rock Auto sells one for $12 but I don’t know what gauge or length it is. I think i need to see if Evil Mr. Clean can hook me up with some of the cables like he’s got.

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I had a great birthday weekend, starting with a lovely surprise party with cake and family, followed by a sunny Saturday filled with housework and a party at the neighbors’ house. Sunday was carpentry day, which was exactly what I needed after a long week of Photoshop (and three client approvals). This morning I woke early to the sound of thunder, and Finn and I ate a quiet breakfast as rain pattered against the windows. As I walked across the street to the Saturn, her tiny face popped up in the bedroom window to wave, and I blew her goodbye kisses with a heavy heart.

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USA Shopping Malls, Summer 1990. Pure nostalgia.

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Fuck the Republicans: The House of Representatives votes to defund NPR. The more I think about it, the more I begin to feel like a paranoid and believe there’s a plot to dismantle all non-Fox related news sources.

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Hey, I finally got off my ass and donated to Habitat For Humanity’s Japanese earthquake response fund. has a great list of charities, if you prefer one organization over another. It really looks like they can use every bit of help we can give, so I urge you to consider giving whatever you can afford.

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I was all ready to take advantage of the beautiful weather and drive the Scout into work today, but I literally was stalled by wonky battery cables. The PO’s homemade cables have been less than dependable over the last two years, and this morning no amount of love, money, or cleaning would get them to provide enough charge to start. I actually took the time to remove the terminal from the end of the wire and try to brush off as much of the crud as I could, but there was no joy in Mudville. So tonight I’m going to stop at the parts store and see if I can get new terminals and some heatshrink tubing to fit the cable I’ve got. I need to get her on the road for my birthday tomorrow.

Plans to take advantage of the 70° weather tomorrow to polyurethane the floor in the den are also on hold; I still have to clear out the area under the radiator and sand that as smooth as the rest of the floor.

Linda sent these two links along this morning, and they are exactly what I needed to laugh and forget my troubles this morning: What your Favorite Classic Rock Band Says About You, and What your Favorite Classic Rock Band Says About You, Part 2. For the record, I carry two flashlights with me, and use them at least once a day.

Speaking of Rush, they’re playing at the First Mariner Arena here in Baltimore in April. Tickets for anywhere below the troposphere start at $150, plus whatever bullshit handling fee Ticketmaster decides to tack on. So that won’t be happening. I’d rather pay that money to take Finn to the circus.

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Armed with a little knowledge from the Binder Planet, I’m going to see if I can save this dash panel this weekend. The plan is to cut a clean DIN9 hole around the mangled part, sand the decal off, repaint it black, and use it to install a better head unit.

(Or, alternatively, I may just see if I can clean up the one that’s already installed and cut that one down. We’ll see).

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