I love most every beer Anchor Brewing produces. Enough so that I’d be willing to wear a T-shirt with their logo on it. However, even though their merchandise is priced affordably, none of it is worth buying. All I want is a navy blue shirt with the main Anchor brewing logo, perhaps distressed. Is that so hard?

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This one goes out to my Grandma Krohn, who gave me Rappin’ Santa something like 20 years ago. She loved little battery operated toys like this, and now Finn asks for us to clap hard to make Santa dance.

In other news, Finn and I hit the stores on Saturday to finish up some Christmas shopping, pick up building supplies, and stock up on groceries for the coming week. She’s been really, really good dealing with shopping and long lines, especially when Daddy carries some raisins to snack on. We got a new subpanel for the side porch, a new in-wall heater for the bathroom, and some other small stuff from the Lowe’s. Mr. Scout put the back door in on Friday, which makes the entire room look much bigger and brighter, and he went around and sealed off all the cracks with insulation. He’ll be back Tuesday to start replacing the siding on the outside walls, which will further improve our heat retention.

While Finn napped, I got the Scout into the garage and did a little work to our free snowblower, which brother Rob dropped off in the middle of the summer; some carb cleaning, reassembly, and a new spark plug later, I poured some gas in the tank, primed it, and it fired right up! It came to us missing linkage from the handlebar to the drive sprocket, so I bent a coathanger and made a replacement. Now it sits on plywood in the garage, waiting for the next blizzard. Thanks Rob!

Free snowblower!

Free Snowblower!

Sunday I watched Finn for Mama again, but before she went down, I pulled the old wall heater out of the bathroom in a cloud of dust and replaced it with a smaller unit. I had to get creative with my drywall replacement methods, so Liquid Nails came in handy. Tonight I’ll put the first coat of mud over the cracks and start smoothing out the opening.

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Lis hipped me to this via Facebook: Cure for Pain: The Mark Sandman Story. I will be waiting happily to see this when it comes out.

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Peer Pressure is back in the garage now that the dumpster is out of the driveway, which makes me very happy. Chewbacca’s demise was hastened by being left outdoors in the elements, as well as exposure to road salt, so Big Purple will stay off the road as much as possible during inclement weather until I can get her undercoated and protected.

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That’s a real-sized door there! With sturdy locks and everything! And it opens and shuts like a normal door should!

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Here’s a link to an interview with Lynda Barry on the Onion AV Club. I was just recently leafing through the downsized Baltimore City Paper wondering what happened to her–she ended her 30-year-old weekly strip due to the decline of the free weekly newspaper market. She’s doing a lot of teaching now, and writing books.

I started to think about the role of play, and its role in mental health. If I ask a 40-year-old woman “I have paper and a paintbrush, you wanna paint?” and she says “no,” we understand that. If there’s a 4-year-old and you say “You wanna paint?” and she says “no,” we worry about her emotionally.

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File this under Awesome: Beastie Boys Annotated. Want to know where the samples from “Shake Your Rump” came from? Want to know where the “grafitti guys” sample in Professor Booty came from? It’s all there. (WARNING: Site last updated in 2004.) (via)

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‘Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.’

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