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This is pure awesome. Keith Olbermann spends 20 minutes deconstructing the Tea Party:


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File this under Oh Hell Yes: Mogwai announce new album, with the same producer from Young Team. And, their tour will bring them to the 9:30 Club in April of next year. This is a band I’d love to see live. With earplugs.

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File this away for future reference: There’s a new vendor making soft tops for the Scout II, for an initial price of $800.

As it turns out, Kayline/STC, one of the two original soft top vendors, folded a couple of years ago, but their patterns were purchased and are being reproduced by a new company for the breathtaking price of $1000/canvas and $1600/full kit. My two tops are both Kayline models, so I’m covered on soft tops for a while, but it’s nice to know there are alternatives out there.

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Crap. We missed Jalopyrama in Annapolis last weekend. It would have been awesome to go see this, even though we were completely booked both days.

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Here’s a great little primer on letterpress from The Economist.

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So it sounds like we’re going to have a dumpster in the driveway this Friday, and a hammer-swinging party on Monday morning, as well as a window delivery. I may see if I can get a personal day off from work just so that I can aid in the destruction and help fill the dumpster—besides that debris, there’s an air conditioner that needs to come out of the attic, an old gas heater that needs to come out of the garage (it’s the size of a professional gas range) and several large bags of garbage in the basement. I’m tempted to have the dumpster size upgraded just to be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

RE the air conditioner mentioned above—it’s a holdover from when the Doctor had several boys bunking in the attic. His handyman hacked the window apart to install the unit in the upper pane, then built a crappy single-pane panel to fill the lower half. It needs increasing amounts of tape, nails, and insulation to stay closed and sealed each year, so I think its time has come. Lowe’s sells a replacement vinyl window of the correct size for $115 off the shelf, which I’m planning on installing before the weather gets too cold. The real problem will be getting it down out of the attic.

Last night I finally installed an RJ-45 jack on the loose wire in our bedroom and hooked up a spare Airport Express in order to extend the range of our wireless network, which is based out of the FIOS router in the basement. I still have to set aside a rainy afternoon to trace down, label, and organize the mass of spaghetti in our basement, which has been loosely organized but not cleaned up. My efforts to carefully label and organize each run have been about 50% successful, but there’s a lot of wire down there with no identification.

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