While Mama was out this evening, Finn and I enjoyed our weekly wednesday bath night together. She’s getting better about having water poured over her head, and we’ve worked out a new system for washing that doesn’t involve a meltdown (she doesn’t like being laid on her back in the bathtub anymore). Once she was dried and bundled in some warm PJ’s, her eyes got heavy so I put her right to bed. I cleaned up around the house a bit and then went out to the garage (stopping only to haul 15 bags of yard waste to the curb) to finish installing the Tuffy console in the Scout. Now that that’s securely in place with stainless hardware, I can carry some basic tools and other gear without fear of it walking away when I’m parked. I also went through my bin of bolts and found two sheetmetal screws to fit the inner door latches, so that one doesn’t have to roll the windows down and use the exterior handles in order to get out of the truck. I also remounted the passenger side inner door skin, figuring I probably won’t get to replacing the window mechanism anytime soon. It think, given the forecast, that Friday will be a Scout day.

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