I had my second visit to the PT clinic Monday night, and got hooked up to the electrical stimulus machine for the second time. It’s an interesting sensation, that of having enough current applied directly to the muscle to tighten them involuntarily: Oh, look, that machine is making my arms twitch like a spastic Muppet. After the therapist spun my head around on my neck 175° until I could feel my spine creaking, he had me stand in front of a big crank machine and spin a wheel around in a circle six times on each side, which made my left arm feel warm, stiff, and angry after about five minutes.

When I got home I was sore but not in pain, which was a nice change. I was able to sleep well overnight—a far cry from Friday, when I tossed and turned for six of the eight hours I was in bed—and woke refreshed, but late for work. I’m down to one or two Advil a day from a total of five, which is a welcome relief, and I can move my head around a little more without having to use my whole upper body to steer it.

On the way home in daylight for the first time in four months, I felt the gnawing need for more sunlight, more outdoors, and more activity. Once this stupid shoulder heals up, I’m looking forward to some regular workouts with our neighbor, as well as some time on the bike and hiking with the girl. This sedentary shit has got to stop.

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