up the stairs

Old news by now, but here’s my take: It’s about fucking time. I went without health insurance for five years out of college, routinely rolling the dice by hanging my ass off a two-story ladder while trying to afford to run my own business. Buying health insurance in 1994 was no picnic, and it’s a ridiculously expensive proposition today, especially for a family. Here’s the thing that nobody seems to realize: if I’d fallen off that ladder in 1994, the ambulance would have taken me to the hospital, and we’d all be paying for my treatment. We’re all paying for it one way or another. The next step is to regulate the crap out of the insurance companies. Period.

Also, I like the rule that states that nobody with a preexisting condition can be denied coverage.

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2 Responses to Baby Steps.

  1. Linda says:

    Teh interwebs should have more pics of Jen in her PJs.

  2. tbtine says:

    Lord. God. NO. Linda.