Through some creative finagling over the last couple of weeks, We here at the Lockardugan collective have secured a welcome addition to our studio tools: a large-format (11×17) color laser printer. Getting it here required use of the babyhauler, calling in a favor, and careful jockeying to get a 160 lb. brick up a flight and a half of stairs in the rain. It’s a ten year old Xerox Phaser 790, and though it’s a bit slow (10/100 ethernet, 6pgs/min.), it’s maxed out on available RAM, it came with a spare set of color cartridges, it’s paid for and it’s OURS.

Right now it’s rocking AppleTalk via ethernet, but I should be able to divine sense from the Xerox manuals and figure out how to set up network printing in the next week or so. I’m also trying to find a service manual that’s available for download online without paying money; we’ll see how that goes.

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