I’m back at work after a lovely four-day weekend with my ladies, where we didn’t go far from the homestead but got a lot of important things accomplished:

  • Drained and cleaned one of the water barrels
  • Moved the remaining container vegetables inside the greenhouse
  • Took Jen in her inaugural first trip in the Scout
  • Spent money at the Home Depot
  • Mowed and edged the lawn (again, a three-week lapse)
  • Mulched the flowerbeds
  • Patched the side of the garage where critters have been entering and making nests
  • Cleaned up the backside of the garage (moved large auto parts into the eaves)
  • Brought in the lawn furniture
  • Moved our brickpile from the driveway to under the porch deck
  • Fixed the tailgate latch on the Scout


  • Took the girl for a 1.5 hour hike with Mama
  • Removed one of the legacy phone jacks in the dining room
  • Battled an angry wasp infestation under the ledge of Finn’s front window (more on that story from Mama)
  • Cleaned the front gutters
  • Covered two open outlets upstairs
  • Sprayed a radiator cover and the bifold doors to the pantry with two coats of bright white trim paint
  • Finished trimming and caulking the new iceroom window in preparation for paint
  • Started wrangling the data cables in the basement into one group and adding them to a punchdown block
  • Fired up the furnace for the first time this fall
  • Looked for used radiator covers at Second Chance (no luck)

Second Chance

  • Cleaned the first floor of the house
  • Picked apples and pumpkins with Finn and Mama

two pumpkins
And just for the record, those are the best apples I’ve ever eaten.

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