I found a repair kit for our Jeep window regulator on eBay, and emailed the seller about whether or not it will fit our model (we have a 2-door and the kit is for a 4-door). I got a detailed response from him last night, and if my memory serves me correctly (I’ve only had the thing out of the door three times so far) the kit he sells will work. I have to wait until the rain passes to tear the door down to confirm, but to have this fixed would make me so happy.

After reposting on Cragislist, I’ve got a nibble on my spare iMac, which means I might be able to liquidate that and turn it into a new set of tires for the Jeep, something else that vehicle desperately needs. How we made it through the winter without sliding off the road into a ditch is still a mystery to me, but the sky pilot has smiled on us so far.

I also found a used Yakima rack system on Craigslist at ¼ retail, which I’m hopefully picking up this weekend. The plan is to bargain shop for a used roof pod to free up internal space in the cabin (or mount the spare on the roof, whichever is cheaper) so that babyhauling becomes easier.

* * *

My experience with iPhoto’s printing service, especially with black and white prints, is that color consistency seems to be a moving target. I sent two pictures out to be reprinted last week and the difference between these and the first batch is huge—where the first batch had a bluish hue, these are much warmer. Now I need to go get some more IKEA frames to put these in, as well as the OBEY GIANT poster I’ve had in my office since December.

* * *

Having problems with OS 10.5 not picking up a DHCP connection? Frustrated because it happens every time you restart? Try this solution.

In System Preferences, Go to Security and click the Firewall tab. Change the top setting to “Allow all incoming connections”, and then click Show All at the top (thus closing and saving the Security pane).

Go back to Network, click on whatever method you’re using to connect, and then the “advanced” button at lower right. When the pane drops down, click the “Renew DHCP Lease” button at upper right, then wait to see if you pick up a new DHCP address (something starting in the 192 range). If you’re successful, great!

Click “OK”, go back to Security -> Firewall and turn the firewall back on.

If you’re not… sorry, bucko. You’re on your own.

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