Finn stirred at 6:15 this morning, and we both listened to her from across the room, wondering if she would fall back to sleep or start crying (she amused herself quietly for 45 minutes). She’s gotten so much better at settling herself in the last month, there have been days where she’s put herself to sleep alone after being put down in the crib wide awake—something I thought we’d never be able to do.

Not wanting to upset her inner clock, Jen waited until 7 to get her some breakfast, and I stayed in bed to try to get a little more sleep. At 8, right about the time I usually get up, she brought Finn back in and laid her down in the bed between us, a rare and special treat I haven’t experienced since we started the sleep routine. She played with my beard and kicked her feet against my leg as I nestled her up against my chest, and within a few minutes fell fast asleep clutching the collar of my shirt, peaceful and serene. I stayed with them both for a few minutes, stretching out the time as long as I dared, before grudgingly and quietly rising to rush around and get ready for work.

Thank you, ladies, I needed that.

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