Mama just called me to share some excellent news and a video link: Finn just rolled over onto her back by herself!

She wasn’t particularly happy about things afterwards, but that’s because she was due for a midmorning nap.

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4 Responses to Progress.

  1. jenjive says:

    Don’t make excuses for her behavior unless they’re the right excuses–she just despises tummy time! She wasn’t due for a nap for another 40 minutes when this was shot, she’s just objectionable!

  2. LOL…I love the semi-fake crying at the end…just making noise. I think she scared herself a little bit, and she’s like her auntie–when she gets scared she gets mad.

  3. jenjive says:

    you’d think, as many times as she’s bonked her head on the floor the last few days that she’d be over that fear by now. especially given the size of that cranium–ain’t nothing getting hurt in there!

  4. Linda says:

    LOVE IT! And I agree with Renie re: the vocal but unenthusiastic wailing at the end. 😉