New doors

Two new doors were delivered yesterday while I was painting trim, and my excitement got the better of me. So I put one of them in last night and covered up the hole above it. This evening I’m going to try and get the last of the woodworking done (baseboards and door molding) so that we can get some paint on the walls.

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3 Responses to New Doors Are Here.

  1. susan kipp says:

    wow- porch looks amazing!!!

  2. Mr. Scout says:

    Are the doors actually glass and is there a film over them? Yes, the craftsman (Idiotking) did a terrific job! Nice work!

  3. the idiot says:

    Yeah, it looks like they put some kind of film on the glass, and then shoot the whole thing with primer. I have no idea how to take the film off correctly!

    Thanks for the encouragement; there will be more pictures to follow in the next couple of days.