So here I am at Panera again using their wi-fi because Verizon DSL is down in my area. For the fifth time in a month. The guy on the phone decided my trouble was worth $10 and credited our next bill, but I think what they’re doing is deliberately plugging and unplugging the router every couple of weeks to get DSL customers like us to upgrade to fiber. (Strangely enough, fiber was the first thing Mr. $10 wanted to talk to me about). So I’m about a millimeter away from calling the *gulp* cable company.

Labor Day Weekend was filled with lots of labor. There are four coats of water-based polyurethane down on the porch floor, and I started installing baseboard yesterday. I don’t know how well the water-base will hold up, but working with it is about a million times easier than oil-base.


The nursery is one step closer to being finished: the futon is out and a new dresser/changing table is in. IKEA, in their infinite Swedish wisdom, decided it would be a great idea to make an entire family of furniture and then offer each model in a different color scheme. So the big honking chest of drawers is offered in a pleasing dark brown stain, and the normal, changing-table sized dresser we like is offered in white melamine and red or yellow stain. We opted for the low price tag and red stain, figuring it wouldn’t clash with the wall color. I like it better than I thought I would.

new dresser

Back in 2003 we were browsing through an antique store and stumbled upon an old glass shade which looked perfect for a nursery. This weekend I bought a new light so that I could ditch the glass and use the fixture to finally hang it. it turned out the glass in the box was busted into about thirty pieces, so everyone made out alright.

new (old) light fixture

I also cleaned up the Jeep and put the seat base in. I’d like to extend a hearty middle finger to the Graco corporation, who see fit to add a WARNING label and a DANGER sticker to every flat surface of the seat, base, and stroller, but can’t be bothered to spend five minutes to design an installation guide properly. No wonder so many people get this shit wrong. I have to assume that the lap belt goes through the two big loops in the plastic base, but that whole thing seems sketchy and loose to me. So I’m going to get it checked out by the fire department and then bungee the shit out of it so that it won’t move an inch.

rocket seat GO!

That cabinet I’ve been working on since last freaking year is slowly nearing completion; the main section is finished but I had to resand and stain one of the doors because it went way too dark on the final coat. The shelves and back are finished, and hopefully with a couple of coats of poly on the doors it’ll be ready for assembly.

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3 Responses to F*** Verizon.

  1. Linda says:

    Floors look FANTASTIC.

  2. Lorie says:

    The light fixture and red cabinet make me giddy with baby happiness! Can’t wait!

  3. the idiot says:

    Thanks! I’ll put a pic of the cabinet up too if and when I ever get the damn doors finished.