Sunday afternoon, I rented an edging sander and worked my way around the porch.


Sanded floor 1


Edged floor 1

Using an edger is like wrestling a greased pig while trying to thread a needle. One must be very careful with the machine, as it will take off a quarter-inch of wood in only a few seconds. My forearms, knees, and lower back sound like the audience of the Jerry Springer Show this morning.

Sanded floor 2

Edged floor 2

Returning the sander last evening, I lucked into a clearance sale on 1″x6″x10′ board—something I’ve never seen before—and bought all of the baseboard wood for half the normal price. I think I may be going back today to get more for the den.

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  1. cath says:

    Bill you’ve done a lot of work on that front porch and it looks great!!