Spending WAY too muh time at lunch reading, I came across this article about changing perspective.

I wish I knew more about the psychology behind this, but my guess is that we as humans are visually stimulated by novel points of view. If it’s something we’ve seen before, well, it’s just not as visually stimulating as a photo taken that we’ve not ever been able to see with our own eyes.

I know I am fascinated with alternative viewpoints, from macro shots, forced degradation, timelapse to 3-D, I’ve tried it all with varying degrees of success. Point-and-shoot has its place, but I’m interested in trying out stuff like kite photography.

This has me thinking about an idea I’d hatched a year or two ago: buying a painting pole, rigging a mount at the top, and setting a camera on it with either a remote shutter release or on an intervalometer, for things like the parade.

Especially considering the number of similar shots I’ve taken at the parade over the years— often of the same subject.

lady liberty Liberty

It also got me to thinking about my next Nikon lens, a 12-24mm wide-angle. Of course, it’s $900, but a guy can dream, right?

Update 8.14: Photojojo just did an article on this, with some helpful advice on tracking down parts.

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