I originally put this in the sidebar, but it’s too large to read well over there: The Secret History of Star Wars, an unauthorized origin of the series, told through interviews, articles, and other sources. The Behind the Scenes article on the set of The Empire Strikes Back is the kind of stuff I love the most: What is the creative process behind the movie? How do the people interact? For example, this exchange:

Irvin Kershner: (Turns to Carrie) Now you see what a problem it creates if you slap him.

Billy Dee Williams: Well, let’s just try it that way.

(Suddenly, Carrie gives Billy quite a powerful whack.)

BDW: Don’t hit me like that!

Carrie Fisher: Did it hurt?

BDW: Of course it hurt.

CF: I’m sorry. How do you hit someone?

IK: You telegraph it to him.

BDW: If you want to hit me, fake it.

Based on the final product, Lucas should have let Kershner direct the remaining four movies too, or, at least, the prequels.

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