On this day four years ago, your mother and I married each other at a big party in front of our friends and family. It was a wonderful day which went by way too quickly, and when you’re ten we’ll explain to you all about the locusts.

Your mother and I have had quite a few adventures since then. We’ve traveled around the world twice, started our own businesses, watched friends and family graduate, give birth, and pass on. And during that time, we’ve grown closer than we were when we married each other, sharing good times and helping each other through the bad. It’s pretty cliche to say “my partner is my best friend”, but I think that’s what makes your mother and I work—because nobody but a best friend could stand to live with me, that’s for sure. Who knew there was a “correct” way to load the dishwasher?


You, our greatest adventure, are doing very well from what we can tell. Your mother is having intermittent Braxton-Hicks Contraptions, which are her body’s way of getting itself ready for the Big Stretch. She calls them “contraptions” because she doesn’t like the sound of “contraction” in relation to her own body, which I can completely understand. We’re also beginning to receive baby clothes from family and friends; your aunt knitted you a beautiful sweater, your grandma sent along a package of new clothes, your aunt sent you a bear-themed bathroom set, and there’s a chest-high pile of clothes from one of your future playdates. So throw up all you want, kid—we’ll keep you covered.

Mommy is beginning to show now, too, which is good, because for a while there I was thinking that the doctors were fooling us into believing you weren’t really there.

We still don’t have a name for you yet. All of the ideas we’ve had are pretty much dead in the water with the exception of one girl name and two boy names, but I don’t think we have consensus. We’re working on it, though, so don’t worry George Lavernius Tiffani Othello Thibodeaux Aragorn Jim-Bob Sally Katrina John Wayne Knute Britney Shaqueela Chewbacca Dylan .

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  1. The Mom says:

    Sending all my love and also big smiles and love from the Pop. Enjoy your day and delicious meal. xxxs