I was all ready to drive out to the gucci Lowe’s in Columbia last night to write a big fat check for nine replacement windows. I had my clipboard, I had my measuring tape, I had my wife with me and we were going to make a side trip to try out the Parsa Kabob near the store. MMMM, yummy lamb kabobs. It was at the front door, ready to leave, that I remembered something: I wanted to see if there were any coupons or discounts I might find online that could save us a few bucks.

When we first moved into the Estate here, I got a packet in the mail from Lowe’s for 10% off purchases of $5,000 or more as a “welcome to the neighborhood” sort of thing. They obviously check county records each week to see who’s recently purchased land and then send out a blanket mailing. After moving in, I let the coupon lapse because there wasn’t anything I needed to buy that would make a 10% discount worthwhile—the house needed elbow grease more than it needed raw materials.

After a quick search online I found the moving section of their website and plugged in my spamcatcher email address; the page says 3-7 days to fulfill via postal mail or email, which is plenty of time for me to continue insulating, running wire, and cleaning the space. 10% off a thousand bucks’ worth of windows is nothing to sneeze at, in my book.

Update: Yeah, bitches!

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