no more ceiling

What a frickin’ disaster. I’m going to be hanging lots of new studs and beams this weekend, and become intimately acquainted with the laser level. Good times.

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2 Responses to No More Ceiling.

  1. ren says:

    Wow. Is there anything up there that wasn’t somehow sistered, strapped, or otherwise butchered? Dang. Just keep reminding yourself about the nice pine flooring so that it all seems worthwhile.

  2. the idiot says:

    No, I think they just used whatever wood they could find to git ‘er done. The good thing is that I listened to common sense and pulled it all down, because it wouldn’t have held new drywall if I’d tried to just cover over it.

    See the empty spot abot 2/3 the way down the photo, right where the shingles are? There was bracing there held in with three half-penny nails. It took one swipe with the sawzall to pull eight feet of studwork down.