We’re still working remotely from the local Panera because the crack Verizon repair team can’t get off their asses to fix our phone line until next Wednesday. Meanwhile, the clutch on our commuting vehicle blew up yesterday, stranding Jen on the side of the road. No word on the damage to the car or our bank account yet, but when the repair bill, taxes for 2007 and projected taxes for Q1 of 2008 are paid, we’re going to be left with pennies to rub together. Let us hope the news gets better the further we get into April.

Update: It’s only the shift linkage, which is a $500 repair and not a $2,000 repair, thank Jeebus. And, it was Wednesday, not Tuesday; this is what happens when I don’t have my internets.

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2 Responses to Lousy Tuesday.

  1. Linda says:

    It was so thoughtful of Dubya to send you a check to cover those repairs.

  2. tbtine says:

    Honey, like I said yesterday, it was THURSday, not Tuesday and not Wednesday.

    Wow. Your withdrawal symptoms are amazing.