Hello little one. That bumping you felt on your head yesterday morning was our latest prenatal checkup, but you’re probably getting used to that by now. Your mother and I are a little upset with you for being so uncooperative with the technician. Every time she tried to get a profile of your head to measure, you kept wiggling around and sticking your nose in the way. I can see already how you’re going to behave as the progeny of photographers. I will admit, though, that it was great to see you moving around so much.

Everything else is looking beautiful! You have ten little fingers and ten little toes, which made us both very happy, and your little heart is going strong at 151 beats a minute. We’re going to start seriously kicking around some names for you in the next couple of weeks, but we have a lot of names that we know we don’t want and very few that we like, which makes things difficult. A lot of the good ones are already taken. Don’t worry, though—we’re not going to get all trendy on you, if we can help it.

Out here, most of the pretty flowers are gone, and the trees are filling in with deep green leaves. I hope your first spring is as beautiful as this one has been, because everything seemed to be richer and more colorful this year. This is the tree in our front yard blooming from the end of March up until this morning:

Sleep tight, little pepper, and try to stay off your mother’s bladder. She’s getting tired of going to the bathroom every fifteen minutes.

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