You’re no longer being compared to shellfish, which is great news. You’ve gotten a little bigger this week, and you’re making your mother’s life easier in small increments. She’s able to move around a lot more and not want to throw up all over herself. She even took you to Trader Joe’s to buy cereal on Monday, the first time she’s been in a grocery store since January. So I’m celebrating your progress!


Of course, may things are still off-limits; certain foods, smells, and words—which is why I have to sneak a beer in the office while she’s laying down in the bedroom. I’m still trying to feed the three of us as best I can, and I have to thank your mother for being understanding of the fact that I’ve exhausted all three of my dinner ideas. Mommy has strong kitchen-fu, but mine is weak, strictly subsistence-level preparation: I will toast bread, while your mother will actually bake it from scratch. So be prepared for lots of mac ‘n cheese when Daddy is in charge of dinner.

It seems like everyone we talk to is knocked up too, so you’ll be in good company. The count is up to eight as of today. Since we broke the big news among our family and friends, we’ve had tons of support and advice, as well as generous offers of furniture and clothing—something that reminds me how lucky we are. Our CPA actually jumped up and down. clapping her hands, when we told her yesterday. It didn’t help us on our taxes, but that’s not our CPA’s fault.

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