Office demolition, day 1

This is a shot of the old office, looking into the bathroom and through to the exam room beyond. There was green carpeting, then padding, then lots of tiles (stacked on the floor) that came up with a crowbar. Dark reddish paneling covered the walls. And see the framing for the wall between the bathroom? That came after the floor was put down, which means this whole area was one open space at some point. This house gets more and more confusing as I pull away at the edges.

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One Response to Boom

  1. Linda says:

    LOL – I’m reminded of the old beach house my parents lived in after they first retired. Dad would find the most random stuff used for insulation when he’d tear into walls: newspaper, balled-up paper towels, and styrofoam peanuts were not uncommon.

    To me, it’d be part of the charm of having an old house … but I recognize that’s easy for me to say, not having to actually deal with it myself. 😉