Our new gallette iron (Berarducci model Grand GI-3) showed up yesterday! It’s in absolutely beautiful condition when compared to the other one I bought last year. Notice the difference in the size of the patterns—the top is a Petit GI-1. I must now resist the urge to track down a GI-2 to complete the trio.

Gallette Irons, open

And, as a heartfelt and thoughtful birthday gift, the Scout’s new daddy gave me this beautiful display case, with a fender badge cut from the original sheet metal and a copy of the VIN tag (he needs the real thing to re-register the chassis with the DMV). I need to dig up my Chewbacca action figure and put him in the case too.

Birthday present

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2 Responses to Relics and Artifacts

  1. Delline Gray says:

    I just purchase a Berarducci Gallette Grand GI-3 not knowing what it was. So, what is it? How do I use it and do you have a recipe? I assume it is an Italian waffle of some sort?


  2. the idiot says:


    A gallette, depending on the recipe, is either a cookie, a waffle, or a cake. The way I’ve had them, they were more of a Belgian dessert cake made in the iron pictured above.

    I’m sorry, I can’t give you my wife’s family’s recipe for gallettes, because it’s not mine to give. A search online for “gallete recipe” will yield a number of different options, from vegetable-stuffed versions to desserts:


    Good luck!