So here’s the basic idea for the remodeling. We’re going to do a phased approach so that the exam room is completed first, and then start work on the old offices so that the front porch space becomes one large office for our businesses. This way we can use that space effectively and reclaim one of the bedrooms upstairs, and we’ll add about 300sq. feet of usable, centrally heated space to the floorplan.

The bathroom downstairs will get reorganized so the toilet faces outward and the doorway opens out into a passthrough, as opposed to the bathroom being the passthrough. While we’re remodeling this part, I’m going to have a new chase and water lines run from that stack up through the wall to the atrium directly above, in preparation for conversion of that room into a master bath/dressing room.

Simple, right?


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4 Responses to Floorplans.

  1. Linda says:

    That’s going to be AWESOME, and will add way more value to the house than the initial expense IMO.

  2. Linda says:

    Oh – and that unused waiting room space?

    Perfect Gimp Room.

  3. the idiot says:

    You’d be correct, but the only problem is that the waiting room faces the front of the house, so passers-by would hear the screams of the Gimp from inside his/her box.

    Besides, that’s what the coal cellar is for.

  4. tbtine says:

    I think the ice room would be better. The external coal chute is broken on the outside wall so there is too clear of an escape route. Plus, the ice room has a lock on the internal door, and anyone entering the room wouldn’t have to dirty themselves. Just sayin’.