This is coming from a new install of MT 3.3. Let’s see if it works.

Update 4:12 EST: I done busted the template files, and the new way they (were) doing the comment form is really messy. More work to do…

Update 5:52 EST: Individual entry archives are looking good again. Everything else is still pretty awful, but I’m going to take a break and eat something first.

Update 8:58 EST: Category archives and the main index page are now cleaned up. MT 3.3 was using a tag called MT_TRANS, which was meant to do some kind of translation to other languages, but it was bollixing up the whole thing. So it’s getting cleaned out of the templates, one at a time.

Update 12:26 EST: The linkblog is back up! It looks like I was doing a few things wrong on my end (not configuring the archives to publish correctly, for one) and the site root wasn’t working correctly, but it’s back up and running now. That doesn’t excuse the lousy documentation, though. I’ve made a lot of minor tweaks to the site overall, getting the meat and potatoes working right. The search function, however, is completely fucked up. The Archives page is reorganized, although the thing I want it to do automatically seems to be impossible in MT 3.X. The Linkblog archives are currently hosed. And don’t even look at the houseblog…

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