A long time ago, when I moved into my first house house, I found an old Cloverleaf Dairy cooler in the basement, and I considered myself lucky. I love the idea that a guy in a white suit drove a truck around the neighborhood and delivered dairy right to the doorstep.


For a long time, I stored charcoal briquettes in it, because I had noplace else to put them. It sat in my old kitchen for a while, and when we moved into the Estate, it sat out on the front porch, briquettes intact.

Recently, Jen did some research and signed us up with a local organic dairy that delivers to our neighborhood. They offer everything from milk and cheese to bread, poultry, seafood and coffee. Two weeks ago, we ordered some milk, cheese, and butter, and we got the chance to put our dairy cooler out on the front steps.


I’m happy to report the 2% milk is wonderful. It tastes almost as rich as whole milk. The half and half had a small layer of milkfat at the top when I opened it. The sharp cheese is the equivalent of extra sharp, and very tasty, and the butter is good too. And, by coincidence, I bought some bread from their partner bakery this weekend, and it’s delicious as well. We’re definitely continuing with the service—it’s all hormone-free and locally grown, which is something Jen’s gotten more and more interested in this year.

The best part: ordering everything online is just as easy as the sticker on the inside of the cooler says: DON’T FORGET. JUST LEAVE A NOTE.

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  1. ren says:

    Oh WOW. Remember in Long Valley we could still get milk delivered? I can’t remember the name of that dairy anymore–oo, wait, Welsh Farms! Funny–I live in the heart of dairy country but there’s no service like that around here. I’d be signed up in a heartbeat.

  2. the idiot says:

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