I don’t have a whole lot of money to throw around right now, but there’s a solid-state Acoustic 120 bass head for sale on Craigslist right now. We had one of these in high school, with a matching 2×15″ cabinet, and I remember it blowing the paint off the walls at volume 5 or so. Eventually I’d like to build a nice retro bass cabinet setup, but it gets further down on my list as time goes on. Besides, I’m more concerned about my acoustic guitar, which has developed a nasty buzz at the second fret on the two middle strings. It didn’t sound this way in practice on Tuesday, and it’s not like I’ve used it to drive railroad spikes since my lesson, so the phantom buzz is disturbing. I hope I haven’t broke my guitar.

I decided instead to go for a tax writeoff and buy a copy of Leopard, as well as brokering the purchase of a new MacBook for my Mom, who is limping along with an old Pismo and wondering why she’s out of room on the hard drive. 6 gigs won’t get very far these days. She’s getting a sweet little setup and I am gaining the ability to troubleshoot her machine remotely, which will save us many headaches down the road.

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