My repertoire has been expanded to five songs since I picked up the guitar in January. I’ve got the first two, “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Boys Better”, down cold. The chord changes that stymied me weeks ago are solid at this point. I’ve got two R.E.M. tunes figured out but not clean: “Texarkana” and “Radio Free Europe”, each of which contain tricky changes between C and B chords. Finally, this afternoon I learned the iconic opening phrase and bridge to “There She Goes” by the Las, which is a lot of fun to play.

I’ve been pretty lax with my practice schedule, which has made itself clear at my lessons. Two hours of frantic playing right before my lesson does not make for a spectacular performance, but I’m in love with the growing familiarity of the chords and the natural feeling of playing along with the few songs I know. Lessons are going on hold for a little while as I catch up to some other commitments, but I’m not going to stop playing—this is too addictive.

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