Indian Spring

Two tentative forays into future technology have been accomplished here at Idiot Central, both involving radio. Regular readers will recall my annoyance and distaste with the stock Chrysler radio in my Jeep, which craps out after the temperature rises over 80° or when it passes a strong radio tower (I used to turn it off on my way to work every day, coming and going, at the Reisterstown exit for this very reason).

Well, Santa brought me a fancy new car stereo, one with a detachable face, a CD player, and most importantly, an auxilliary input on the front. And it’s not made out of candle wax and chewing gum, ensuring it will function at temperatures found most commonly in the dashboard of a black vehicle. I installed it this evening and it sounds fantastic.

Secondly, he brought a subscription card for the XM radio set we’ve had sitting in our closet since 2006. Hallelujah! Thank you, Santa.

In unrelated news, I was able to take advantage of 45 minutes outside in 69&deg weather yesterday to get the rest of the cabinet sanded down to bare wood, and one door heatgunned and sanded. There will be a lot more finish sanding to do with sheets of paper and elbow grease, but the big annoying work has been completed.

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