Hidden away in an odd corner of Baltimore City lies the Franklintown Inn, which at one time was probably a hopping place, and most likely was a waypoint for travelers on the west side of town. Now the entry to the bar is around back, which caters to a questionable-looking crowd (I’m sure they’re all fine, upstanding citizens) and the front parking lot holds an abandoned winnebago and a sad-looking boat. Today the front of the inn is closed up and dark, and a second-floor porch holds a heap of random bicycles, with no indication of use.

This sign is in decent shape on one side, but the neon on the other has been battered by the branches of an overgrown tree. It’s another beautiful product of the Triangle Sign Company of Baltimore, who have been in business for seventy-four years, and who are responsible locally for the Brewer’s Hill signage, the Port Discovery signage, and for the new signage at Fenway Park.

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