Yesterday I had the lucky fortune to wander around a Baltimore landmark I’ve always wondered about but never been inside: The Crown Cork & Seal factory on the city’s east side. I was searching for a vendor to drop off a package, and it took me some careful moseying around the property to find them.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to explore or shoot photos, but certain parts of the sprawling complex have a Children of Men/Full Metal Jacket-type feel to them: ancient brick buildings, soaring courtyards filled with years of debris and trash, along with the odd shopping cart or plastic storage bin.

Repent or Perish

After being shuttered in 1956 when management moved the company headquarters to Philadelphia, the 15-acre site lay empty (as far as I can tell; information online is sketchy at best) until recently. Now it looks like the property has been split up into separate rentable buildings under the care of a management company.

Work Safely To-Day

At some point, I’d love to go back and spend a day shooting everything I saw.

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  1. Linda says:

    Very cool-looking.

    I might add ’28 Days Later’ to your movie references …