The Apple Store called yesterday to inform me that IdiotCentral, my MacBook Pro, was finished and ready to be picked up. “We didn’t even need to replace the logic board,” the Genius told me. “It was the LCD.”

I stopped in this morning, weaved past the consumers ogling the iPhone display, and a nice tattooed associate brought my baby back to me. Within two minutes I had signed the paperwork and was ready to leave—with a gentle reminder that AppleCare might be a good idea for a portable.

My new screen is bright and clean, and the hinge is actually a little tighter now. After a failed attempt to migrate my data back onto the machine this afternoon, I rooted out the cause (permission issues) and I’m now 2 minutes away from restarting into my old work environment—not a day too soon. At the client site where I worked on Friday, the guys helping me get up to speed (and the IT guy they sent over) looked at my battered eight year old stunt laptop and shook their heads in amazement. (Apart from a failure to be able to connect to their wireless network, my eight year old laptop worked fine, thank you.)

Overall, besides a week’s wait to have the unit repaired, my customer experience was flawless and professional, something I’ve come to expect from Apple, and something I always recommend to friends.

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3 Responses to Return of the King.

  1. Rob says:

    Let’s hear it for old laptops. Despite minor issues like only running on the batteries and hinges that no longer hold the screen up, my laptop is still running strong (if not for very long at a time). It turned seven this year.

  2. the idiot says:

    Yeah, unfortunately, my Mom’s Pismo AC adapter just croaked, so I have to root around here for the spare. Otherwise, both machines are just like Timex watches.

  3. ren says:

    Mom’s machine is rock-solid…the puck, well, um, not so much.