Mac Plus vs. an AMD Dual Core. Heh, heh.

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Bee Line

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Yeah, the Idiot is still here. The weekend was a blur of planting, digging, hauling, weeding, watering, and mulching. Today I hit the ground running, fixing both our office network and spending a good part of the day fixing someone else’s network. There hasn’t been a whole lot of time for pictures or words, unfortunately, but I’m going to try to shoot at least one thing a day if I can’t write anything and post it here.

As of 11:50, Flickr is down for maintenance, so I’m off the hook for today.

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I made some minor changes to the templates around here that had major implications on the layout of the site, so if you see anything busted, please feel free to let me know.

(This is all in advance of a site redesign, which hasn’t gotten off the ground due to paying work commitments.)

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Yesterday, in a bit of cosmic irony, I spent seven hours onsite trying to untangle a client’s backup system (Retrospect, you lovable, miserable bitch, you) while here at the house our seven-year-old DSL router, a SMC Barricade, decided to finally bite it and stop switching packets.

The “Backup Solution”, a Belkin wireless router I got in trade somewhere, is servicable, but I’m now faced with the strange phenomena of downlink hubs that suddenly don’t work anymore. All of this means that the Lockardugan Command Center is wireless until we can get a new router on the case–looks like I’m making a trip to the Office Depot this afternoon.

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In 2003, I asked Jen to be my wife in a quiet, misty square in Georgia, and I was lucky enough to marry her a year later. We’ve had a hell of a trip since then, watching many things come to a close and enjoying many new beginnings together.

On Saturday we went to Sotto Sopra to celebrate our Savannahversary and enjoyed a wonderful dinner, then spent Sunday in the yard together planting our garden, cleaning out the beds, and trimming the hedges out front. While this doesn’t seem like a very anniversary-ish way to spend a weekend, we were looking forward to the time together, away from the office, planting vegetables in our little plot of earth.

I have learned so many wonderful and amazing things from my wife, it would be impossible to list them all here. In many ways, when I met her, I was like those seedlings: full of promise, and ready to grow. We have carefully tended to our garden and made it stronger, taller, and hardy. For all the mistakes we may have made, we’ve learned how to make things better and help each other bloom. I still feel like I have miles to go, but the person I am today is a long way away from who I was four years ago, and I thank her for all the guidance and support she’s given me.

Thank you, baby, for marrying me, and for the three great years we’ve had together.

(Of course, the Sky Pilot is laughing at us, because yesterday was a balmy 70° while our wedding day felt like the surface of the sun. With locusts.)

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70 Expert ideas for better CSS coding. There are some good nuggets in here—this is an area where there is no real ‘best practices’ document out there. It’s about as freeform as one can get, and something many clients don’t understand when they see a proposal.

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Here are some instructions for how to build a bootable OS X install on a thumb drive. This could come in handy for a tools-only build to aid in recovery of dead drives.

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Oh, really.

Jen noticed this on the back of a hot sauce bottle as we were waiting for dinner last night. This is someone’s attempt at a self-promotion that should have been properly thought out.

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Apple’s guide to installing Subversion. This is great, because there’s a link at the bottom to a web-based interface and installation instructions for that as well. The only thing stopping me from having it running until now was having to deal with a command-line interface.

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