Waaaaay back in march of last year I wrote about a book I was reading called Imperial Grunts, a current tour of various known and not-so-known US military adventures overseas. As part of my self-assigned illustration series, I did a cover illustration for the book in April of 2006, mocked it up based on the cover of the existing book, then filed it away until I was finished with the Alphabet Project.

Last night, while assembling the next version of my portfolio, I dusted off the image and set it up in my Photoshop template. While Googling for the book so that I could pull a quote for the text of the page, I noticed they’d changed the cover from the first printing:

I don’t believe I ever posted this picture to the web (correct me if you think I may be wrong here.) The coincidence made me laugh out loud, although I can’t use the image in my portfolio. I’ve been struggling to get my conceptual brain back into gear for the last couple of months, and seeing this other solution made me believe that I might not be doing so badly after all.

* * *

In other news: Scooter Libby is guilty. Ha ha indeed!

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