Well, InstaStormTrackerDopplerFirstWarningChopperOne weather (the Most Powerful In Maryland tm) alerts crawled across our TV screens last night warning us of something on the horizon, but after checking three different weathermen, the paper, and the gub’mint’s website, nobody would commit to anything: the amount of self-promotional technology flogging is an inverse corrolary to the forecasting they actually do. We heard a lot of “well, we could get three to six inches of fresh snow, but it’s probably going to be freezing rain.” That forecast is about as useful as a sucking chest wound, asshole. What I’d appreciate is for you to commit to something so that I know for sure whether to join the mob at the safeway looting TP, milk, and Ho-Hos.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting any real snowfall this year, based on the schizophrenic weather we’ve had to date, but we seem to be getting some accumulation on the ground this morning, and they claim it’s not stopping until tomorrow.

* * *

Note to the developer I met with yesterday: If you see me opening a MacBook Pro in front of you to give a presentation to our client, it’s probably not a wise move to start in on an anti-Apple diatribe full of wild inaccuracies and total bullshit.

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4 Responses to Prepare The Sled Dogs.

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  2. the idiot says:

    Swell, Linda, thanks! As if I don’t already get enough trackback linkage from every douche with a scam website.

    However, “Your online will be deactivated and deleted” redeems your comment, as you made me almost snort my coffee through my nose this morning.

  3. Linda says:

    Crap – they ping comments too?!?!? Soooo sorry – please feel free to delete my post. Doh!

  4. the idiot says:

    Naw, honey don’t worry about it. I’m just playing with you. Most likely, my search hits from the terms above will rise ever so slightly, but there’s no lasting damage done.